The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative
Scholarly Works

In Press (as of December 31, 2005)

  • Friedlander, A. , E. Brown, P. Jokiel, W. Smith, and K. Rodgers.
    Effects of Habitat, Wave Exposure, and Marine Protected Area Status on Coral Reef Fish Assemblages in the Hawaiian Archipelago.
  • Gillespie, R.G., and G.K. Roderick
    Biodiversity in the Hawaiian Islands. Endangered Species Bulletin.
  • Huisman, J. M., A. R. Sherwood, and I.A. Abbott
    Morphology, reproduction, and the 18SrRNA gene sequence of Pihiella liagoraciphila
  • Kraft, G.T. & I. A. Abbott
    Hydroclathrus (Scytosiphonaceae,
    Phaeophyceae): conspectus of the genus and proposal of new species from Australia and Hawaii.
  • Laws, E. and L. Ferentinos
    Human impacts on the fluxes of nutrients and sediment in Waimanalo Stream, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands.
  • Okano, R., I. Abbott and C. Smith.
    The Algae and Other Benthic Organisms Of Kure Atoll’s Lagoon.
  • Roderick, G.K and R.G. Gillespie
    Are new associations different from old? Ecological opportunity, adaptation, and co-evolution in island ecosystems.
  • Tissot, B.
    Integral Marine Ecology: Community-Based Fishery Management in Hawaii.
  • Williams, I., W. Walsh, A. Miyasaka, and A. Friedlander
    Effects of rotational closure on coral reef fishes in the Waikiki-Diamond Head Fishery Management Area.
  • Williams, I., W. Walsh, B. Tissot, L. Hallacher
    Impact of observers’ experience-level on counts of fishes in underwater visual surveys.
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In Review (as of July 1, 2003)

  • Capitini, C. , B. Tissot, W. Walsh, M. Carroll and S. Peck
    Aquarium fishery management in West Hawaii: a dynamic conflict. Society & Natural Resources (submitted).
  • Conklin, E. J and J. E. Smith
    Experimental Assessment of Management Options for the Invasive alga Kappaphycus alvarezii in Hawaii.
  • Huisman, J. M., I. A. Abbott and A. R. Sherwood
    The Liagoraceae (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) of the Hawaiian Islands III: The genus Ganonema, with a description of Ganonema yoshizakii.
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In Prep (as of December 31, 2005)

  • Forsman, Z.H., D. Gulko, K. Foster
    Proposed primary restoration option for the M/V Cape Flattery grounding site: coral nursery facility.
  • Forsman, Z.H., C.A. Baker, C.L. Hunter
    Molecular tools for exploring geographic variation and species boundaries in mounding Porites.
  • Forsman, Z.H., C.L. Hunter
    ITS is it: the case for ITS as a phylogenetic marker in coral, a case study in Porites.
  • Forsman, Z.H., C.L. Hunter
    The relative importance of light, water motion, and ‘coral food’ on culturing reef building coral.
  • Hoover, D. and Mackenzie, F. T.
    Present and past N and P budgets and impacts on Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.
  • Hoover D. J. and Mackenzie, F. T.
    Fluvial nutrient fluxes to Hawaii coastal waters.
  • Sansone, Frank, H. Spalding, and C. Smith
    Sediment geochemistry of Hawaiian Deep water Macroalgal Meadows.
  • Sansone, Frank, H. Spalding, and C. Smith
    Halimeda growth and physiology.
  • Tanaka, K. and F. T. Mackenzie
    Stability analysis of the ecosystem of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.
  • Williams, I.
    Extent of Regulated and Restricted-Access Areas in MHI.
  • Williams, I.
    Fish communities around MHI, based on MHI RAMP survey data (Co-authors will include DAR and NOAA staff).
  • Williams, I.
    Impacts of FRA network on catch, abundance, and breeding stocks of prime target species, yellow tang (Z. flavescens) – (DAR staff will coauthor).
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