The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative

Detection of invasive algae and nutrients in West Hawaii
Meghan Dailer, PI

A variety of factors can influence the spread, establishment, and proliferation of alien invasive algal species including the method of transport, nutrient levels and fish biomass. HCRI will fund Meghan Dailer to investigate the level of inter-island alien species transport facilitated by boating traffic, identify areas of high nutrient loading, survey standing stocks of invasive algae, identify areas with high concentrations of dispersing alien algal spores, and assess the impact of herbivorous fish management areas on the persistence of alien invasive species.

Final Report (August 2011)
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Trimester Meeting (August 2011)
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Progress Report 1 (April 2011)
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Trimester Meeting (March 2011)
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Introduction PowerPoint Presentation (October 2010)
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