The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative

Projects for fiscal year 2014

  • Structural, Functional and Ecological Assessment of Existing Day-Use Mooring Buoys (DMBs) on Oahu, Hawaii
    Cathy Geweke, Kendall Tejchma, Travis Thyberg
    In summer 2014, a team of three divers conducted in water surveys of 43 day-use mooring buoys around Oahu. The survey consisted of structural, functional ecological, and use assessment. The goal of the surveys was to increase the management capacity of the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR). Until this survey, the condition of the buoys was not known. Two months of part time divers were able to complete the surveys, compile a detailed report on their status, document their methodologies so they can be replicated on the other islands, and provide a list of documented commercial operators who use the day-use mooring buoys.
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