The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative

Projects for fiscal year 2011

  • Assessing the Outcome of the West Hawaii Roi Removal Project
    Charles Birkeland (PI) and Jonatha Giddens (GA)
    This project will examine the results of the field manipulative experiment that has been set up to test the ecological effects of introduced roi on reef fish associations in West Hawaii. This on-going research project, which began in September 2010, evaluates the impact of roi removal by collaborating with local fishers to remove >90% of the roi from a patch reefs in Puako, West Hawaii.
  • Understanding fibropapilloma disease in the Hawaiian green turtle
    Celia Smith (PI) and Migiwa Kawachi (GA)
    This project will continue experimental manipulations of growth dynamics by invasive algae under controlled conditions, and examine the relationship between eutrophication, tissue levels of arginine and fibropapilloma disease in Hawaiian green sea turtles.